Its care from a perspective of law and public policy

The purpose of this paper is to make a brief analysis of the right of access to land and housing from a perspective of public policies and its nuclear link with family and childhood, as an essential element to the care2 of the latter two.
Without prejudice to this, we will support the doctrinal and jurisprudential dimension of the right to housing and access to land.
First, we must clarify that we have decided to expand the spectrum of the right to housing, to include the right of access to land. This is because, first of all, we consider access to land as a logical presupposition of the right to housing. And secondly, different local and provincial authorities have considered that the biggest problem of our time is precisely that of access to land; Therefore, we intend to include it within the theme of access to housing. Finally, many provincial constitutions (not the case of Santa Fe that links it to popular savings) jointly mention both topics. Read full downloading the PDF.

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