Maize, a chain that contributes more than US $ 10,000 million to GDP

Argentina is close to being the second largest exporter in the world. The world wants and needs more corn, and the country is able to meet that demand

By Esteban Moscariello. Market analyst and agribusiness specialist

The supply of corn from South America is set to reach a new record this season, with a total of 140.5 million tons, considering only Argentina and Brazil.

The current record was reached in the 2016/17 harvest, when production reached 139.5 million tons.

World production in the 2018/19 season is estimated at 1,101 million tons, 24.9 million more than the previous season.

The consumption estimates were revised in 48 million tons, to 1,133 million tons. Thus, global inventories decreased to 308.52 million tons, the lowest stock since 2014/15.