Opinions and reports

  • Opinion on the new regime of Brokers (law 25.028)
  • "Consultation of the Broker Center tending to propose to include the operations with delivery in the Markets to Terms in the prices set by the Arbitration Chamber of Cereals".
  • "Opinion in administrative claim on parity of the FESTRAM" issued by Dr. Ricardo Moscariello in his capacity as Director of Legal Matters of the Municipality of Villa Constitución.
  • "Opinion on the competent municipal body to set the salary of the Mayor" Agustín R. Moscariello, for the President of the Deliberating Council of Arroyo Seco.
  • "Central Region: Administrative organization and other legal aspects".
  • "Alienation of the subsoil in places affected by the public domain".
  • "Opinion on Registration of Databases (Article 21 Law 25.326)" for the Cereal Corridor Center of Rosario, Hugo L. Domingo and Ricardo Moscariello.
  • "Opinion on the participation of the Grain Corridor in grain purchase contracts" for the Center of Cereals of Cereals of Rosario, by Ricardo V. Moscariello and Eduardo Méndez Sierra.
  • "Competency in matters of environmental policing", by Administrative Law Studies Center (UCA, Rosario).